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Do You Know About the Following Facts?

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  1. Queen Elizabeth in 1600: The English East India Company was formed in 1599 under a charter granted by..
  2. Battle of Plassey: In which battle (1757) English defeated Sirajuddaula, the nawab of Bangal
  3. Battle of Buxar (1764): In which battle Captain Munro defeated joint forces of Mir Qasim, Sirajauddaula and Shah Alam II
  4. Neil Armstrong, Apollo II (1969): First human to walk on the moon
  5. Sputnik I USSR (1957): First artificial satellite launched into orbit
  6. -Explorer 1 (1958): First artificial setelite by United States
  7. -Vostok 1, USSR (1961): First manned space vehicle
  8. John Glenn (1962): First US Astronaut to orbit earth
  9. Kalpana Chawla (Columbia Flight STS-87) : First Indian Woman in Space. She was a naturalized US citizen and represented the US during the event (19 Nov,1997)
  10. Morarji Desai: Who was the Deputy Collector in 1918 and became PM Of India in 1977
  11. Phoolan Devi: Who launch the political party Ekalavya Manch in 1995
  12. Article 14: Which article of Indian Constitution refers to equality before law?
  13. Iceland: The national anthem of which country has the words 'Thousand Years' in it.
  14. Five times: Ghandhiji was nominated for the Nobel Peace Price how many times?
  15. Sarnath: The Bhudha gave his first sermon have
  16. Mata Vaishno Devi Temple in J&K: The temple on top of hill at 5200', at attracts 8 million pilgrims
  17. Meira Kumar: The first woman speaker of Lok Sabha
  18. Mysore Print and Varnish Ltd: The small company in Karnatka produced all the indelible ink we use on voters fingers in election to the parliament. Name the Co
  19. N.D. Tiwari: Who has been CM of UP three times and once of Uttarakhand?
  20. Dr Rajendra Prasad: Who was India's president for 12 years?

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