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Do You Know About the Following Facts?

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  1. Robert Hooke (1665): Who discovered cell and wrote the book Micrographia.
  2. Weismam (1885): Theory of germplasm is proposed by
  3. Hugo de Vries: Mutation theory is proposed by
  4. Watson and Crick: Double helical model of DNA is proposed by
  5. Carolus Linnaeus: Who developed binomial nemenclature for living organisms i.e. scientific name consists of genus and species.
  6. Whittaker: Who classified living organisms in to five kingdoms- Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae and Animalia.
  7. Schleiden and Schwann: According to cell theory proposed by......(1838) cell is the structural unit of living organisms.
  8. The Iron Lady: The film in which meryl streep portrays Marget Thatcher.
  9. John Nash: "A beautyfull mind" is a film based on the life of Nobel Price winner.
  10. 1871: The first population census in India was organised by Lord Mayo in ?
  11. Jews, Muslims, Christians: Jerusalem is sacred to which three religions?
  12. Winston Churchil: A British prime minister who won a Nobel Price for Literature.
  13. Pranab Mukherjee: The first-ever serving cabinet minister to get a Padma Shree award.
  14. James A. Garfield: The second US President to be assassinated
  15. The Morquess of Dalhousie: The Governor-Gereral of India who is considered the creator of both the map of modern Indian and of the centralized Indian states.
  16. PA Sangma: The first member of the opposition to be elected Lok Sabha Speaker
  17. New York City: The intended destination of the ill-fated Titanic?
  18. Zamorin: Vasco-de-Gama reached the port of Calicut in 1498 during the regin of king ( Hindu Ruler of Calicut)
  19. 1602: Dutch East India Company was formed in AD
  20. Mausulipatnam: Dutch Ease India Company set up their first factory at ..... in 1605.

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