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Do You Know About the Following Facts?

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  1. Laika, the dog.: First living creature to orbit the earth in Soviet satellite, Sputnik 2(1957):
  2. Yuri Gagarin USSR: First man to space. He is the first human to orbit Earth (1961)-
  3. -Rakesh Sharma: First Indian in Space. Salyut 7(1984)
  4. -Alexei Arkhovich Leonov: First human to walk in space (1965).
  5. Germany's SAP AG: The World's biggest maker of business software-
  6. 64: Jupiter has ...........Confirmed moons 4,64,24,84-
  7. - Challenger: The space shuttle that exploded barely a minute after lit-off-
  8. Killed on the return flight in Soyuz 11: What happen to the three men who manned salyut 1 for 23 days?-
  9. 193 Years: How long would it take to reach the sun if it were possible to drive through space at a steady 55 m.p.h-
  10. 2061: Halley's comet will next to be seen in the year-
  11. Nehru Place: The IT hub of New Delhi-
  12. Deuterium: In heavy water, hydrogen is replaced by -
  13. Frog's legs: Galvani used what strange objects in his studies of electricity ?-
  14. Cholesterol level: Atherosclerotic food increases what in human body-
  15. :Charles Darwin: Who wrote "Origin of species’" and proposed "theory of natural selection"
  16. Mendel: Who proposed "law of inheritance” and called Father of genetics.
  17. :NE Borlaug: Who is called father of green revolution in world.
  18. MS Swaminathan: Who is called Father of green revolution in India
  19. Kohler and Milstein: Who discovered hybridoma technology
  20. Alec Zaffrey: DNA fingerprinting is discovered by

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