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What are the requirements of web designing

You are completely new in web designing, no matter here you will be able to understand and learn everything easily step by step, from beginning to end, just you should have knowledge of running computer only.

In this section we will get some preparation before learning of web designing. Just like before building a house, we have to gather some inputs like gravel, cement, wood, slab etc. Similarly before web designing, we have to procure some materials like software or programmes for designing, server to run web page, good editor for write coding etc.

There are many types of languages used for web designing, here we will not use or discuss all those languages, we will only use HTML and PHP in this whole web designing tutorial. HTML does not require a web server in your local machine to run web pages but web pages written in PHP language requires a server to run web pages. We need mainly three software to develop web pages. Now we will download these softwares one by one as mentioned below.

Step One: Download Server

  • Download a XAMP server for windows user to test web pages in your local machine. XAMP Server can be downloaded from their official WebSite. Click here to download XAMP Server.

    Step Two: Download Code Editor

  • Code Editor is require for writing or editing codes. although this can be done in note pad also but these code editors has some special features. Therefor, I recommend Sublime3 and can be Downloaded Sublime3 here from their official site. Sublime editor is very favorite among most of the software developers. You can also download VSCode, developed by Microsoft it is also a good code editor.

    Step Three: Download FTP Software

  • We need FTP software to upload and download files from our local machine to remote server and vice versa. There are so many FTP software in the market, some are free and some are paid versions. Here we will downloaded WinSCP from WinSCP official Site . It is a Free version You can also download FileZilla Client this is also free free version.

    Last Step : Download Pre-design web site

  • After downloading the above three softwares nowDownload Sample site which is pre designed for beginners. We will learn design a website on this sample site. I chose this method for my tutorial because its little difficult to design a web page for beginners and the second reason is to learn quickly without wasting a time in making layouts and graphics etc.

    After downloading above three softwares , install it one by one. We will discuss about all these software in detail in Next Topic Test your php Webpage in Xamp Server


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