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Make Android App without coding with Sketchware

Creating an Android application is not easy for common people, it is the only people who are expert in this field to make Android applications. To build the application it is necessary to have knowledge of programming languages ​​like Java, Kotlin or Python.

It is also very important to have a very fast and efficient computer to make Android application, which also requires a lot of money to buy, but we here without the knowledge of Java and expensive computer, try to build a professional type of Android application on your smartphone with the help of Sketchware.

Android app layout Image

To develop a Android application first of all we have to download Sketchware application from Google Play Store and install it on your smartphone. This application is absolutely free and you need not to spend any money. After installing it, you will see its layout as shown in the picture.

Understanding of Layout

In the left hand side you will find some buttons that is called widgets and in the right hand side you can see a mobile phone screen, this is our working area or view area of design of our application. We will learn in more detail about these widgets in next chapter.

Watch this "Your First Android App" Video

For watching a video at YouTube please visitDesign your Android App Video

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