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Part Time Online Earnings with pi Network, Earn Free Cryptocurrencies

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about a part time online earning programme without any investment in your free time sitting at home. From this programme you can earn millions of rupees in near future . Yes friends, you heard right millions of rupees, its name is pi Network. Pi is a crypto currency (like Bitcoin), presently running in the mining stage. At this time you can earn pi coin for free by joining pi network.

How you can earn real money from pi?

As mentioned earlier at present pi is in mining stage. Now you can ask what is mining stage? Mining means production of degital currency. Mining in crypto currencies is a very complex process involving a lot of mathematical equations. It is a bit difficult for the common people to understand. We can understand it in such a way that, at the time of mining, pi is distribution amoung the members in a certain ratio according to their contribution. In other words every members of pi network earning pi coins at that period . When crypto currency is in the mining stage, its value is equal to zero. After mining stage is completed the currency launch in the market and trading starts.

Crypto currency trading market and some other factors are responsible for fixation of its value, for example, when Bitcoin started in 2009, its market value was equal to zero but after a lot of gradual fluctuations, its market value is equal to about $35000 per bitcoin has gone. In its beginning no one would have thought that in just 10-12 years its value would be so high. Therefore, The more pi coins you earn today, the more real money you earn tomorrow. Lets understand it by example. Supose you earn 500 pi coins till its launch and after 2-3 years the value of pi is equal to 100 dollar it means you will earn 50,000 dollar. You can convert it in your local currency. This is potential of this pi coins.

How you can join pi Networrk?

The process of joining the pi network is very simple, you will have to download the pi network app from Google Play Store, Join pi network There are some things to keep in mind before joining the pi network. You have to use the telephone number which will remain with you in the near future, second, you will have to fillup your real name which matches the Aadhaar card or PAN card or your any other Govt Records, otherwise later you may face problems during KYC. Next, whatever password you fill in it, write down some where or keep it safe, so that whenever you change the phone or reinstall the app, you find the password, This is why I am saying that after 2-4 months, you will not be interested in this network and suddenly after 3-4 years the value of the pi will start skyrocketing like bitcoin, then you will remember that I also collected some pi coins, then you will feel the need of this password and phone number.

At the end you will be asked to fill a referral code or invitation code just like Raju45920, (this is my referral code). Pi network is a network base system, no one can register this network directly, so it is necessary to have a reference code that is already a member of this network.

How you can earn more pi coins

In this way your registration process will be completed. After the registration process is complete, one thing has to be kept in mind that you have to take a little time once in 24 hours ( less than one minute) and press the lightining button, this means that you will be on this network Active and mining the pi, You can refer you friends, relative, and and other people to this pi network for more earning of pi coins. More you refer more you earn. At the time of registration you will also get referral code. Give this referal code to your friends so that you can build your network for more earnings.

Friends, nothing is going out of your pocket to join this network, just asking for a little time and in return can reward you in future. That's it for today, if you think the information is good, then please subscribe to the channel Learn with himset on you Tube, the link is given below.

If you feel defficulty in registration, you can watch the video from you Tube or contact us .

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