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Do You Know About the Following Facts?

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  1. Aakash: India Launches world's cheapest tablet PC as a part of the Government's program to expand education through information technology. What is the name of that tablet?
  2. Vivek Express: Train covering India's longest railways route, from Dibrugarh (Asom) to Kanayakumari (TN) was started. The name of this new train is..
  3. Shiksha ka haq: A mission (right to education) was launched in Mewat district of Haryana. The campaign aims to help 13 lakh elementary school become RTE compliant by March 31, 2013. The deadline for states to implement the law in letter and spirit. What was the mission name?
  4. National Food Security Bill 2011: The Indian Cabinet cleared the bill aim to cover 75% of the rural population and 50% of urban population in the country to provide the subsidized food grains. What was that bill?
  5. ICICI and IDBI banks: The two banks have together launched India's first Credit Default Swap(CDS). This is a landmark transaction for the domestic corporate debt market and market the formal introduction of local currency CDS market in India. Name those two banks.
  6. Tumalapalli (AP): World's largest uranium reserves found somewhere in Andra Pradesh. The mine has 49000 tonne of uranium. According to officials of the Department of Atomic Energy, this reserve contains low grade uranium. What is the name of that place ?
  7. Janani-Shishu Suraksha Karyakarm: Health Ministry launched a program to provide completely free and cashless service to pregnant women including normal deliveries, caesarean operations and sick new borns in government health institutions. This new program is estimated to benefit more than one crore pregnant woman and newborn in both rural and urban.
  8. Vivek Express: Train covering India's longest railways route, from Dibrugarh (Asom) to Kanayakumari (TN) was started. The name of this new train is..
  9. The Global Indian Inclusive Growth: The 10th Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas (2012) was held at Jaipur Rajsthan.Kamla Prasad Bissessar, PM of Trinidad and Tobago, was the chief guest of the event. What was the theme of the event?
  10. 4.5 % Quota: The Union Cabinet approved some quota for minorities, within the 27% OBC quota in jobs and university seats. What is the % quota approved?
  11. Kerala: India's Child Right Index, a first of its kind report, Which state places at the top rank of the National Child Rights Index?
  12. 35 years: India has been elected to the United Nation's Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) after a gap of ....years. JIU is an independent external oversight body of the UN mandated to conduct evaluations, inspections and investigations.
  13. Year 2010: India launched a new Consumer Price Index (CPI) that combines data from rural and urban areas, with the aim to capture price trends more precisely. Which year is uses as base year ?
  14. Initially it was 50%: The Deptt. of Industrial Policy and Promotion notified 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) In single brand retail. Earlier , only 50% of FDI was permitted.
  15. Rajdhani Express: In which train Arjuna Awardees can travel free in the country?
  16. Greek God Zeus: Olympic games were started in 776 BC on Mount Olympics in the honour of ...
  17. 6th April, 1896: The Modern Olympic Games were started in Athens the capital of Greece on..
  18. Five interwined rings: The Olympic Flag is made up of White silk. What type of sysmble contains on the flag as a Olympic Emblem?
  19. Citius,Altius, Fortius (a Latine phrases): What is official Olympic Motto that means Swifter, Higher, Stronger.
  20. Lausanne (Switzerland): The Head Office of International Olympic Commetee (IOC) is situated at

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