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Do You Know About the Following Facts?

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  1. Seventh, in 2009: India"s rank among largest vehicle manufacturer
  2. Uttar Pradesh 1995: First state in India to start an airline of its own
  3. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd 2011: First Indian Automobile Company to cross the production mark of one crore cars
  4. Carolus Linnaeus: Who developed binomial nemenclature for living organisms i.e. scientific name consists of genus and species
  5. Whittaker: Who classified living organisms in to five kingdoms- Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae and Animalia
  6. Schleiden and Schwann: According to cell theory proposed by......(1838) cell is the structural unit of living organisms.
  7. Chandragupta Maurya: The first ruler who overthrew Nanda dynasty with the help of Chanakya?
  8. 1025: In which year Mahmud Ghazni attacked and raided the most celebrated Hindu temple of Somnath, situated on the coast of Kathiarwar.
  9. Prithviraj Chauhan: Name the Rajput king who defeated Mohammad Ghori in first Battle of Tarain in 1191.
  10. Mohammad Ghori: Who is considered the 'Founder of Muslim Rule' in india.
  11. Vitamin D: Small amount of UV radiation are beneficial for people and essential in the production of ______.
  12. Kaori Icho, Japan (2012): First female wrestler to win three consecutive gold medals at the olympics
  13. Mery Kom 2012: First Indian woman to win a medal in Olympics Boxing.
  14. Saina Nehwal- Bronze (2012): First Indian to win a medal in Olympics Badminton
  15. Sachin Tendulkar 2010: First cricketer to score double century in one one day cricket.
  16. -Michael Phelps 2012: First male swimmer (Mens 200 meter individual)to win the same event at three successive Olympics.
  17. Gagan Narang Shooting 2010: First ever sportsman to win four Gold Medals in commonwealth games-
  18. Li Na China Frech open: First player from Asia to win a Grand Slam singles title-
  19. S Vijayalakshmi (2000): First woman Chess grandmaster of India
  20. 8% of total polled votes: The Election commission of India has raised the cap on minimum votes a political party must secure in elections to get the status of a state party/maintain it further. What is the new minimum limit of total valid polled in state assemble/Lok sabha polls ?

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