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Overcome complexes and Build up your Personality

There are many ways in which a person can cope with the problem of complexes or self doubting attitude in him but I shall tell you the easy solutions suggested by Norman Vincent Peale, the famous author who has written the best seller, ‘The power of Positive Thinking’. In this he has prescribed ten easy steps to overcome complexes and build up your Personality and confidence. These steps are:

A picture of a successful person:

Every one of us always keeps on drawing some picture of what our future will be but if we project our self as a failure and get demoralized we will not succeed. Our action shall always try to convert these pictures in reality. Norman Peale has suggested us to draw a picture of a successful man with dignified living. The imaginary picture when thought several times over can help a person to imprint it in his mind. Such a positive picture will take us to the road of better personality, free from all the shortcoming and lack of self-confidence.

your negative thought with a positive thought

We always keep on thinking about our future. The fear in us is due to uncertain things and doubts in our mind. These negative thoughts are the reason we are failing .To eliminate these negative thought we need generate in our mind some positive and bright thoughts, which can cancel out the fear in us. Whenever these negative thoughts coming your mind start thinking of something good.

Identify your obstacles

are obstacles in your life that may be a cause of worry. If you are suffering from some ailment and you go to a doctor, he will not give you any medicine till the diagnoses you properly. Diagnosis is important for the proper treatment of the disease. Similarly, if you feel there are a few weaknesses and obstacles you need to identify and try to remove them.

Do not copy others blindly

We are all unique creature and we all have our own weaknesses and strengths. We must try to strive for something that we can do best. Why feel bad if we are not capable of doing something that others can do?

Get a competent counselor to help you

Knowing one’s self is not an easy task. We start doubting our capability from childhood The low confidence level is rooted in incidents in childhood. We feel bad about our poor competence and develop a feeling of competence and develop a feeling of complex. We need a counselor who can help us know our shortcomings and the ways to overcome it.

Practice the sentence of telling yourself, “I can do it”

Repeat the sentence ten times daily. If you are confident that you can do it other too will start getting that felling.

Make a true estimate of your ability.

The ability of a person can be physical, mental and attitudinal. If a person can make a true estimate of his physical ability, he will never feel sorry about the same. Underestimation of the ability will develop and inferiority complex.

God is your creator. He is for you.

When you are feeling alone and not getting any support, and everyone is on the other side of the table, you creator of the universe,. He is with you, why bother about others who are less powerful? All your inferiority complexes will vanish and you will start feeling confident.

Put your self in God’s hands

Try your best, but leave the result in the hand of God. In the great Indian epic Mahabharata, lord Krishna tells Arjuna that you must make all efforts and work hard and leave the results in the hands of God

Remind yourself all the time that you have the energy and power of God.

When you start thinking that you so not have the last bit of energy to complete the final lap in the long distance run, the sense of desperation comes into your mind. If in the crucial moment you allow that thought of slightest complexes to overrule your mind you will lose the race. At such a crucial juncture you remind yourself all the time that you have the additional energy from God to complete the last effort. The difference between a winner and a loser is the last effort, which will come from the grace of the God.

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