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How to Make Layout in Sketchware with Layouts and Widgets

In our previous topic (Make Android App without coding with Sketchware,) we have  installed  Sketchware app  in our mobile phone from Google Play Store and made our first Hello World Android app. In this topic we will learn about the layouts and widgets and how to make design of app with the help of layout tools and widgets. When you open the sketchware you will see some buttons in the left side of screen devided in to two categories, first, Layouts  and second Widgets.

In Layout category  there are four buttonsMobile App Layout Linear and scroll layouts act as containers of wedgets. H and V means Horizontal and Vertical orientation. In other words we can understand by this way that they are pockets of widgets. We can put either a single widget or many widgets in the single pocket. We can use multiple pocket or containers in single page. Linears are used to contain widgets within the screen and scrolls are used to show if some of the portion of wedgets resides out side the screen either horizontaly or vertically. Total five linears are used in this example image. Linear1 holds simply single Textview "Example of Linears", In Example-1, Linear2 contains three Textviews Horizontly and in Example 2, Linear3 (in green color) contains two another Linears Linear4 and Linear5. Linear3 is a horizontal type whereas No4 and No5 linear is vertical type.
Without horizontal linear, it is not possible to fit three textviews in horizontally.as shown in Example 1 and similarly In Example 2 we made two columns and  four rows in each linear, this happens because of these horizontal and vertical linears.
We can replaces the positions of these linears during design time by drag and drop method. To do this, first we have to select linear by tap, hold then drag without leaving your finger after tap then drop at final position.
You can delete the layouts and widgets by selecting particular item. When you select the item you will see small trash image apperes at bottom left hand side. After selecting the item drag and drop into trash box. If by mistake you delete any layout or widget, press undo button which is located at top of the screen to reverse your action.
These are the basics of Layouts and widget. I have not mentioned much about widgets because you will learn yourself at he tilme of prectice and in next topics. The actual layout or page design is depand on your app's requirment. Do more prectice on layouts and page design for more perfection.

I have tryied to make video on this topic, you can watch by clicking here

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